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A Center for Counseling has several licensed marriage and family therapists in our group to help work through family problems and help family members support their loved ones who are having difficulty. Family therapy is form of outpatient treatment that aims at reducing stress in the entire family system. It is not uncommon for one family member to be experiencing significant difficulty or a mental health issue that is also impacting the family at large. Family therapy may include all members of the immediate family, a few members of the immediate family, or, in some cases, it may include extended family members. In addition to helping to resolve problems in specific family members, family therapy also aims to identify and reinforce inherent strengths and resiliency in the family.

What We Can Help With

There are times when family therapy is the recommended treatment. Some of the possible reasons for family therapy being the treatment of choice include among others:

  • Grief/loss
  • Behavior problems in children
  • School-related issues in children and adolescents
  • Eating disorders
  • Addiction
  • Caring for an elderly or disabled family member
  • Life cycle changes such as
    • Birth of a child
    • Empty nest
    • Retirement
    • Job loss
    • Etc.

Our Therapists

A Center for Counseling provides a wide range of options for family therapy. We have both male and female family therapists on staff. Several of our therapists are licensed marriage and family therapists in addition to another state license, as well as clinical members of the Therapy. Our therapists are trained and experienced in multiple approaches to family therapy including structural family therapy, strategic family therapy and multi-generational family therapy. These methods are designed to help the family reorganize in more effective ways and establish family cohesion and healthy boundaries. Please contact us or call 908-852-9000 and our clinical coordinator will be happy to speak with you and discuss how to best meet your family counseling needs.  Don’t forget to check out our FAQ’s.